Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Website now live!

Hey everyone, the past month has been a really crazy ride.  First I have to say thank you to everyone who backed and shared my kickstarter, it was fully funded on the first day and ended up receiving more than double what I was initially hoping or asking for.  If that wasnt enough the very day the kickstarter ended I traveled to Chicago for C2E2.

Last year C2E2 was my very first convention ever and I had big hopes for an even better performance for year number two.  What I wasnt expecting was just how good of a show I was going to have.  With my new and improved booth setup I more than doubled my sales from last year.  Not only that but my Saturday alone I earned more in sales than I did in the entire weekend last year!

After returning home from Chicago I began packaging and shipping all of the backer rewards from the Kickstarter.  I also in that timeframe attended another show, Supermegafest in Marlborough Mass and had yet another successful weekend (man am I on a roll).

If that is not enough in between C2E2, packaging rewards, and attending Supermegafest I also completed my very first album cover.  The cover is for a band called Dungeon Brothers.  While you are gawking at the cover be sure to check out their album here

The last bit of news (and as the title suggests) is that I have finally gotten around to building my website.  I can officially say that  is now live.  This is now the place to go to check out my portfolio, check out what original paintings and or drawings I have available for purchase and where to see what upcoming shows I will be attending.

Please check out the site to see all of the latest news, new work and to even buy prints online!

2016 has be off to a great start so far and it is my hope that it continues to go well.