Thursday, July 22, 2010


I decided I would try to be more consistent in my posting updates. I am working on the character of the week activity. This week's activity is father time. I have got the drawing finished, now I just have to start painting, hopefully I will be able to get it painted by the deadline on sunday

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

okay, so its been a looooong time since i last posted but i have been super busy. first I was getting all of my work ready for the illustration master class; a week long intensive art workshop with some of the top book cover illustrators and art directors. They give you a list of prompts to choose from and you come in with your reference and sketches, and by the end of the week hopefully you have either a finished sample book cover or a almost finished book cover. I had an amazing time learning a lot about art and the things I need to do to get better. After I came home I finished my painting and right after that I flew to Hawaii for 10 days soaking in the sun and the beautiful scenery. I have just came home and I now finally have to time to update. the first painting is the finish from the drawing I posted way back when. The second is the piece I did at the master class; the prompt I chose was the frost titan (It was a sample magic card). The prompt called for a blue frost giant wielding a axe made entirely out of ice. He was also described as an all powerful intelligent giant who could destroy you with his mind (as opposed to the big dummy giants).
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