Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Work

As always I am really bad at updating this as often as I should, a lot has happened since my last post.  I attended my first GenCon as both an attendee and as an exhibitor in the art show.  I had a ton of fun catching up with art friends from past shows and workshops, finally got to meet some people that I only new online and also got to meet and hang out with some very cool new people. The show was absolutely amazing!  I sold a lot of prints...I mean A. Lot. of them, talked with some new publishers about future work, I won an award!!!! and I also sold an original piece of art.  The plan right now is to try and see what other shows and conventions I can do.  After I came home from GenCon I was really excited to get back to work with my newfound confidence and motivation and I painted these two new portfolio pieces.  Now that these are done I looking to get back to doing some more oil paintings and traditional stuff.  I you are interested in following my sketches work in progress and other whatnots the best place to follow me is my instagram here instagram.com/stephennajarian/ and my art page here facebook.com/Stephen.Najarian.Illustration

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