Monday, September 16, 2013

Court of the Dragon

Everything is beginning to settle in after an amazing weekend at Illuxcon in Allentown PA.  I had an incredible time, I met and hung out with some amazing artists, got some great feedback on my work from not only other artists, but art directors too.  In the lead up to the show I was going back and editing old pieces to make them the best I could possibly make them.  I originally wasn't planning on editing this piece, I thought it would be to much work to fix, in too little time before the show with everything else that I still had to do.  With two weeks before Illuxcon I decided I had to do it anyway, there was a lot of stress and long days that ensued but in the end it was totally worth it; it turned into my best piece and helped elevate my portfolio to another level.  I cant wait to go back next year, and I cant wait to see what my work looks like when I do.

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